All About FirstToFall’s CSGO Aimbot

In this article, we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about FirstToFall’s CS GO Aimbot. You’ll learn how to use it, how to customize it and, most importantly, how to not get banned with it.

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Aimbot Features

A CSGO Aimbot is one of the most simple cheats in the game. Both the use and creation of it is fairly simple. In order to understand how an aimbot works, we’ll first give you an overview of how the code works. If you’d like to learn more, you can check out our article how a CSGO Cheat is coded.

First, a CSGO Aimbot gets the position of the enemy’s head. Then, it gets the position of your head. Using what is known as vector subtraction, we can get the equation of a line from your head position to their head position. From here, it is a matter of using simple trigonometric functions to figure out the difference in angle between your current crosshair position and where it needs to be in order to be on their head.

In essence, this is all an aimbot does. For most cheats, it ends here. Despite this, we don’t believe in just doing things well enough. That’s why, beyond the core aimbot, we offer a few different built-in features to expand its capabilities.

  • Aim Smoothing
    • First, and most importantly, is aim smoothing. Aim smoothing forces the crosshair to take some time to go to their head. For example, it might take .2 seconds to move from where you currently are to where you need to be. This mimics a much more natural crosshair movement, and if used properly, can help you to avoid detection.
  • Aimlock
    • Our CSGO Aimlock is a feature that we don’t personally endorse, but we do offer at the request of our users. Aimlock makes it so that you don’t have to interact with the aimbot at all. Once someone enters your FOV, you will lock on and you won’t unlock until they’re dead. This is, of course, the most obvious of all the aimbot configurations, which is why we do not recommend it. As you know, though, if one of our members asks for a feature that we have the ability to offer, we’ll include it.
  • Randomized Positioning
    • With the advent of VACNet, aimbots are being automatically detected more and more often. The issue lies in the positioning of the crosshair. Most humans will not position their crosshair on the dead center of the enemy’s head, and they certainly will not trace it. That is why we randomize the position on the head that the aimbot targets slightly. This way, you will not automatically be picked up by VACNet.

How to Use the Aimbot

Although aimbots are fairly straightforward to use, some people have trouble with it. It might work differently than you would think, so it’s best to be informed. The basic way it works is:

  1. You toggle the aimbot using either the hotkey or the button in the interface
  2. You move your crosshair to within your set FOV of an enemy
  3. You click the Aim Key, and the aimbot moves the crosshair to your enemy.

First, there are a few terms that you will need to be familiar with.

  • Aim Key
    • The Aim Key is the button that you press to actually engage the aimbot. When this button is pressed, if there is an enemy within your FOV, your crosshair will move to them. Without pressing this button, the aimbot will do nothing.
  • Toggle / Hotkey
    • The Hotkey is the button that you press to turn on the aimbot. This is very different from the Aim Key, because it doesn’t actually engage the aimbot. It just makes it so that the aimbot is running and listening for you to press the Aim Key. We offer the ability to turn on/off all of our features using hotkeys, that way you don’t have to worry about accidentally using them when you didn’t mean to.
  • Aimbot FOV
    • The FOV is the hardest part of the aimbot to understand, but also the most crucial. Essentially, it draws a circle around your crosshair. If an enemy is within this circle, they will be “detected” by the aimbot. The larger the FOV is, the more obvious the aimbot will be. We suggest keeping a very small FOV, that way you have to do the majority of the work, and the aimbot will look very natural.

Now that you understand the terms, explaining how to use the aimbot is very simple. First, you must customize how you would like the aimbot to function. That will be explained in detail below. Next, you must toggle the aimbot on. You can do this by either clicking the button in the interface or by pressing the hotkey. You will know it’s engaged because the indicator will turn green. This is shown in the picture below.

You will then need to manually move your crosshair close to your enemy. If you are using a massive FOV, this step is not required, but you will be banned. Once your crosshair is near your enemy, you can press and hold the aim key. You will remain locked on as long as you are holding the key for. This will help with tracking the enemy. Then, all you have to do is kill them.

How to Customize the Aimbot

We offer more customizable aimbot options than any other CSGO Cheat, especially externally. Below I’ll go over those options, and explain how to customize the aimbot to your exact preferences. In order to customize the aimbot, you must first navigate to the “Aimbot” menu, which you can do by clicking the Aimbot button in the nav bar (shown below).

  • Smoothing Speed
    • The smoothing speed determines how long your crosshair takes to reach its final destination (if Aim Smoothing is enabled). The longer the time, the more legit it looks. If you have too high of a FOV combined with too high of a smoothing speed, though, it’s likely that you will never catch up to the enemy as they move around. It’s important to fine-tune these settings in a match with mobile enemies. Note: The lower the number, the slower the smoothing
  • Aimbot FOV
    • As explained above, the Aimbot FOV is a circle around your crosshair that determines whether or not an enemy can be targeted by the aimbot. Too big, and you will be very obvious, but too small and you might not get as much of a boost out of the aimbot as you’d like. Smaller FOVs are more suitable for higher skill-level players since they can fairly accurately get their crosshair closer to the enemy.
  • Thru-Walls
    • Thru-walls, off by default, allows you to decide whether or not you would like to target enemies through walls. Although it should go without saying, if you target people through walls, you will get banned. This is a rage feature.
  • Body Part Selector
    • We give you the option to choose exactly what body part you would like to target. All body parts are equipped with built-in randomized positioning, so you’re not more likely to get banned using any particular body part. For weapons like AWPs, we recommend choosing chest. This way, your headshot percentage won’t look suspicious, and you will have a larger target to hit.

We understand that you might be confused on how to bind the aim key and hotkey. Thankfully, it is very simple. All you need to do is click inside the box (where it says Right Click) and then press whatever button or mouse key you want to assign. If it says “Unknown Key”, don’t worry. It will still work, it just means that you have a key that we’ve not before encountered.

  • Aim Key
    • The aim key is the key you must hold in order to engage the csgo aimbot. By default, it is set to “Right Click”. We have found that this is the best for us, since it is very easy to hold right click, and then simply left click once the crosshair reaches the head. Please note, that you might need to rebind secondary fire in order for it to work properly.
  • Hotkey
    • The hotkey is what is pressed to turn on and off the entire aimbot system. By default, this is I. We recommend rebinding it to something that you are less likely to accidentally hit.

Once you have your settings configured, simply navigate to the presets panel, and save your preset in one of the designated slots.

How to Avoid Getting Banned with a CSGO Aimbot

Almost no one who is cheating wants to get banned. This means that you have to get past the temptation to use the cheat to its full potential. We offer a wide array of features that will help you to avoid a ban, but they will only help if you use them properly.

  • Make sure to use smoothing
    • If you don’t want to get banned, we always recommend you to use smoothing. We have some of the very best aim smoothing in the CSGO Cheat arena, and we recommend that you use it. You can use as much or as little smoothing as you want. We have found that around a 15 Smoothing value works best with a 1 FOV.
  • Use a low FOV
    • By definition, the lower your FOV, the more legit you will look. We personally recommend a FOV of <2, meaning that you still need to do most of the work, but the cheat is just helping you. Any higher than that and you’re bound to look suspicious
  • Use a different body part
    • We recommend using the neck “Aimbot Mode,” because that allows you to get a more natural headshot percentage. If you use head, you will always get headshots, which will look suspicious to overwatchers.
  • Don’t use aimbot for every kill.
    • We get it. You have an aimbot, so you want to use it. But we highly recommend that you do not use it for every single kill. In fact, we suggest that you only use it for about 50%. There is a caveat, though. You need to play the same regardless of whether you are using the aimbot or not, because if an overwatcher sees you getting immediate headshots, then for a few kills you are shooting at knees, then you’re back to headshots, they will assume that you are toggling.
  • Manually get to their head before engaging
    • This goes hand-in-hand with keeping a low FOV, but you want to make sure that you are manually doing most of the work in terms of aiming. By not making the aimbot make large movements, you are limiting how much “unnatural” movement the overwatcher can see.
  • Use a good CSGO Cheat
    • The most important part of not getting banned is using a good, private CSGO cheat. Although there are a million indigo pastes that you can buy, all of them get detected within a week or a month. You most likely won’t even know it, because VAC delays their bans. If you get flagged for a VAC ban, it might be a day or a week before you actually get banned. This is why it is so vitally important to use a cheat that has not been detected before, and one that has safeguards in place in case of future detection.

If you’d like access to one of the best CSGO Aimbots available, you can apply for access to FirstToFall by clicking the button below. If you’re not accepted, you will be placed on our waiting list.

The History of and Information About CSGO Aimbot

The term Aimbot refers to software that was created together with an FPS for a player’s advantage. The origin of aimbots such as who first developed it and how remains a mystery. There are many stories about how aimbots originated. One version of the story says that it was first used by game developers to find out the defects of a game such as glitches, etc. There are also stories about a person who came up with the aimbot specifically for playing high-end games. There are no confirmed dates, but it is believed that it was first used somewhere around the 1990s.

Aimbots are applied in many games but are most notably used by players in CSGO. The very first kind of aimbots to find their way into FPS games were known as color aimbots. A Color Aimbot is a unique program that runs in the background simultaneously with the game. It does not interface with the game, but rather looks for the color of an enemy, and then moves the mouse to that color. However, due to certain complications that developed in the later years, aimbots began to develop more advanced processes- modern aimbots allow for a customizable experience, which was not possible before.

Aimbotting has a lot of advantages such as turning a beginner player into a full-fledged expert shooter in a short period of time. Using a CSGO aimbot helps the player to target the enemies precisely, even from a distance. Aimbots are easy to use and widely available. All it requires is for the player to understand the features of the hack thoroughly. Aimbots also help users to increase their reaction times. Aimbots are one of the best cheats developed over the years because it makes the player look legit and makes it less obvious to the spectators.

What is CSGO Aimbot?

An Aimbot is a type of software in a computer that interfaces with a first-person shooter (FPS) game. An aimbot helps the player in target acquisition by detecting and identifying a specific target location or opponent automatically within the game. If you lack targeting skills, install the aimbot software to make the gaming experience more fun. To set up the CS aimbot, right-click on the mouse button, or you can make any key on your keyboard to set as the aim key. How it works is when you click on the CSGO aim key it automatically locks the target onto the enemy, so that you get an idea on where your enemies are. For even more assistance, you can use CSGO aimlock, which enables you to basically shoot blindly and still hit the enemy. CSGO Aimbot is one of the fastest and the best because it makes a player look legit.

  • Aimbot FOV-Aimbot FOV helps by creating a circle around your crosshair, and if your enemy happens to be anywhere inside the circle FOV locks on. FOV is the most important setting for CSGO Aimbot. Aimbot FOV is the maximum degree where your crosshair can move around to get close to your enemy.
  • Aim position– this will allow you to shoot at the neck, body, chest, or head of your enemy.
  • Auto shoot-Auto shoot, also know as CSGO triggerbot enables to automatically shoot at the target.
  • Aim team-this feature enables you to either aim at your enemies or teammates, or both.
  • Trigger key– you need to specify a key for the trigger bot just as aimbot.

Different Types of Aimbot: 

              Here is a list of five types of aimbot:

  • Internal Aimbot– Internal aimbot is installing a hack as a DLL.
  • External Aimbot– External aimbot uses an open process and write process memory to target the enemies
  • Color Aimbot– In the case of color aimbot, the user must consign a particular RGP color as the target on the opponent.
  • FOV Aimbot– FOV aimbot enables the player to target an enemy only within a certain degree of distance where the viewpoint.
  • Bone Aimbot– Bone aimbot allows the player to select which enemy bone to aim at.

FirstToFall’s aimbot falls into the Internal, FOV, and Bone Aimbot categories.

Game hacking has become very common, especially in the case of CSGO. There is a variety of CSGO aim hacks that you can use to make the game harder for your enemies. CSGO Aimbot and CSGO ESP are some of the commonly used hacks. Even a beginner can compete using CSGO aim hacks.

Here are some tips on how to not get banned: 

Follow these tips, and you are likely to never get caught

  • Do not hack while playing tournaments or competitive games as you are likely to get caught since people are watching your game as you play online.
  • Never use hacks that are too apparent
  • CSGO has two anti-cheat systems in recent times: VAC, also known as Valve Anti-Cheat, and Overwatch. VAC can get you banned if you enter their protected server, and your hack is detected. In order to avoid VAC, you need to use an Undetected CSGO Hack, like FirstToFall. With Overwatch, your gameplay will be sent for a review if you have been reported many times by other players. Once it is sent, your game will be replayed by a few Overwatch volunteers who will vote if you are using any hack or not. Therefore, make sure you play in such a way that the cheat goes undetected. Do not play consecutively either as playing repeatedly will get you reported and reviewed.
  • While using smoke or bombs, be mindful not to get repetitive kills. Make sure you miss some of your targets as it would be too obvious getting all your kills while being smoked or flashed.
  • Let your teammates take the shots as well instead of going for all the kills yourself to assure you come off as a regular player. Act as a decoy sometimes if you have to.
  • Play as a team with your teammates. When one of our mates is getting shot, scout the area and look for the target, then take your shot. This makes you look more legit than a hacker.
  • To look more valid, do not hesitate to waste your grenades. Be certain to miss your aim at times. That way, it will be hard for the spectators to detect the hack.
  • Don’t always aim to win, as that would make it too obvious for the game streamers to catch on the abnormalities.
  • Make it less obvious while using the wallhack. Make sure you do not stare through the walls.
  • Do not overuse the aimbot as it may sometimes glitch, which will be very obvious in the eyes of the spectators.


The use of aimbots, along with other cheats, has increased substantially and progressed to a great extent over the years of gaming. Video games and hacking have always appeared to go hand in hand. Using cheat codes have existed for decades. Developers often use cheat codes while testing and building games. It is believed that most hackers were introduced to hacking while improving computer games. Hacking a game is cheating a game. There are many advantages of cheating in a game, but it can also be a huge disadvantage if your opponents are cheating, and you are not especially in a multiplayer game.