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Premium, Private CSGO Hacks. Don’t run the risk of using the same cheat as 400 other people.

Every Feature You could Want

With most external cheats, you need to sacrifice on features. We pioneered the external skin and knife changer. What does that mean? We were literally the first cheat to discover a way to make a reliable external skinchanger. Combine that with our other state-of-the-art features, and you’re looking at a world-class cheat.

Best-in-Class Interface

Our interface gives you everything you could want. As an external csgo cheat, you don’t have to worry about configuring in-game. Plus, we provide hotkeys to toggle each of your favorite features. Our user interface is easy to use and very intuitive, making it a great choice for both first-time cheaters and veterans.

Completely External

We consider you our family. We value your safety. That’s why we developed our csgo cheat 100% externally. It was certainly harder. We had to invent ways to provide certain features externally, such as skin changer. It took much longer than it would have internally. But, we care about you not getting banned, so we did it.

Undetected for Over 2 Years

Over the past 2 years that we have been developing this cheat, it has never once been detected. We know that this seems almost too good to be true, but we have kept our members safe through the following practices:

– Update Multiple Times Per Month
– Change Obfuscation Rules for Every Update
– Have Safeguards to Shut Off Login in the Case of Detection
– Limit the Number of People Using the Cheat

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CSGO Hacks and Cheats

CSGO is one of the most popular shooter video games ever to exist. Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment released this multiplayer first-person game on August 21, 2012. Counter-Strike is a series, and CSGO is the fourth game in the whole series. 

With over 917,000 concurrent players of CSGO as of March 2020, all of them want to compete for the top spots. Amongst these players are some who use CSGO hacks and CSGO cheats to stay ahead of the game. While this might not seem like the most moral or ethical thing to do, it is not a crime in itself to use the said CS GO cheats and hacks. In fact, cheating has a rich history in CSGO.

There are many aspects of CSGO hacks and cheats. Starting with the history of CSGO cheats to what makes a CSGO hack better than others. There have been many instances of players using CS GO cheats to win relevant matches and tournaments. But before getting into those, here is a brief history of cheating in CSGO.

The History of Cheating in CSGO

Although there are no reliable sources that specify the number of cheaters in CSGO, many players come across cheaters every day. Players estimate the percentage of hackers and cheaters in CSGO at more than 15%. This number might seem like a very high percentage, but the thing about it is, many people use simple, hard to detect CSGO cheats and hacks. 

Many players claim that they meet at least one hacker in almost every game they play. But there is no official investigation to verify these numbers. Besides, just because a player plays very well does not mean that they are using cheats. Some times, it is all skills and no hacks. Regardless of these, no one can deny that there are many fair play defaulters in the world of CSGO.

CSGO has many significant tournaments, and sometimes even esports pros use CSGO cheats and hack to win the title. One such very notorious event was during the eXTREMESLAND 2018. It was here when the tournament organizers caught Nikhil “Forsaken” Kumawat using an aimbot to give him and his team the upper hand over the opposing team. 

This player got a lengthy five-year ban from the ESIC (Esports Integrity Coalition). None of his other teammates from Optic India had any CS GO hacks on their devices. It came as a massive shock to the whole community, especially because this team had a very bright future and the potential to shake the international scene. There are other instances where professional CSGO players use cheats and hacks.

In a tournament where ESP went against Grandpa Berets, a player from ESP called Flex used CSGO cheats and got caught. His teammates did not know that he was going to cheat. They did not even know that he was cheating in the first place. But when ESP held their position a little too strongly against an excellent opponent, things started to get fishy, and the people in charge began looking into the matter.

Another cheating incident was in a match between Team Property and HellRaisers. Emilio, a member of Team Property, got banned live on stream.

There have been other instances where streamers get caught red-handed while using CSGO cheats and CS GO hacks in their gameplay. Even if they do not get caught, they face a lot of backlash and loss of respect from their followers and fans. 

What Makes a CSGO Hack Better than Others?

As anyone can see from the history of CS GO hacks, no one would like the higher-ups to catch them redhanded. No one would want to let their followers and fans know that they use CSGO hacks too. There are some qualities or features that every CS GO cheat should have to make sure that everything stays under the blanket. 


The first thing to focus on is to make sure that the CSGO cheat is undetected. After all, what is the point of using CSGO hacks if people know that the player is using it? Anyone can become a professional CS GO players if they use hacks and cheats in the right way. But if a person wants to play better than everyone else and stay there, the CS GO hack that they are using should remain undetected. One time using a free or low-quality cheat and you could risk your entire account and future within the game.

CSGO Hackers have a unique ability to be a class ahead of others and even gain huge followings on Twitch or Youtube. With more following and fan power, new opportunities will open, although it might not be big tournaments. Influencers can get many sponsors and gain financial rewards too.

Good features 

Good features are paramount in a successful CSGO Cheat. After all, what is the point of hacking if it doesn’t do everything you want? 

Some features help you in game, while others just make your experience more enjoyable. Undetected CSGO Skin Changer and Knife Changers can allow users the ability to use skins and knives they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. This can be an exciting and fun feature. Additionally, BHop, which has been nerfed, can be a fun way to get around the map, even if it doesn’t yield the same advantages that it used to.

On the other side, features such as csgo aimbot and wallhacks can give you a material advantage in the game. There are other important features to have as well, such as recoil control, no-flash, and FOV Changer.

Private CS GO cheats 

Although most cheats are public or semi-private, there are a few that are truly private. What this means is that the player can use the CS GO hacks need not worry about getting caught by VAC. Private hacks will are the most likely to remain undetected because the providers can control the number of users at any given point. Additionally, the providers make use of many other techniques that help in avoiding anti-cheats and keep them safe.

Matchmaking with private CS GO cheats will also go undetected. When compared to people who use public csgo hacks, users of the private variant barely ever get caught.

The only advantage that the public version has over the private version is that it is free. On the other hand, players may need to pay some amount of money to get their hands on the safer and undetected private versions.

Good Communication

For any CSGO Cheat, it is crucially important that the providers have good communication. You always need to have up-to-date information about updates and VAC waves, as well as feature releases. If you have any issues with the cheat, you need to know that you will be able to get a good, fast response from the provider.

When Are CSGO Hacks a Good Thing?

As much as it may sound like a bad thing to do, using CSGO cheats and hacks is not entirely a bad thing. Sometimes the game developers even come up with cheats so that the players can get an extended game of the original. They use these to unlock certain weapons or levels, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

There are some good things or advantages that using CSGO hacks provide:

To obtain weapons

On the other hand, some players use hacks to obtain weapons that they cannot get under normal circumstances. If a person wants to buy skin but does not have the resources, there are some hacks available to get the desired skin. There is no harm in obtaining skins and weapons using hacks. Even if the developers find out about these activities, it is unlikely that they will ban the player from playing their game.

An extension to the original game 

What this point means is that the developers are aware that some players use cheats to obtain skins, weapons, and unlock modes. However, they accept this fact because they know that players may bend the rules and enjoy an extension of their game.

Simply to have fun with friends 

Sometimes, people may want to fool around with friends in god mode. This engagement is entirely harmless and does not put anyone at a disadvantage. 

To combat other cheaters

It’s always good to be prepared when you meet an enemy with hacks. The best way to make sure that you don’t lose and derank is to reply with your own cheats. In these instances, it is most important to have an undetected cheat. You don’t want to get banned just for defending yourself.


There are hundreds of CSGO HvH servers out there. These servers allow anyone to use hacks against each other as a fun minigame, without worrying about being banned. It is very important to have a hack with good features and quality if you want to participate in these servers.

Improve your skill more quickly

One thing that people don’t often realize about cheating is that, if done right, it can actually improve your skills. For example, using wallhacks will help you to naturally improve your ability to predict enemy movements. You will be able to see more than normal, and therefore will have much more information to learn from than a normal player. 

Sometimes it can be necessary

Although this point is not very relevant for CSGO, there are some games that are impossible to beat. Where even the game developers themselves allow their players to use cheats to win or clear the stage.